Thank You Thursday

Show our Teachers and Staff how much you appreciate them

Sign up HERE to bring Thank You Thursday snacks to Highland Park Elementary staff.  Treats can be dropped off at the front office on Thursday morning before school. 

Please wear a mask when you drop off items. 

Plan to bring 50+ individually served items.   

Preference is to bring store bought individually served items. 

If you bring items prepared at home, please make sure they are indivudal items.  For example cookies or muffins would be preferred over a loaf of bread or a sheet of brownies.  Healthy easy to grab indivudally packaged snacks are a good option and can be available over several days for staff.    

Remember to leave a little note so staff know where the treats came from.  Hand written or art work prepared by students is a nice gesture to show staff how much we appreciate them.  

Thank you for volunteering and providing this much needed appreciation to our staff.

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