Support the Staff of HPE

Purchase items from their classroom wishlists!

Our teachers are the foundation of our incredible community at Highland Park Elementary! They allow our students to thrive in positive learning environments and welcoming spaces. Make direct purchases for our teachers to support the learning in their classrooms. See the teachers wishlists by clicking on the link next to their names. The staff at Highland Park are the back bone to our school lets show them the support they deserve!

Kindergarten Team:

Ms. Nguon K Wishlist

Ms. Swanson K Wishlist

Ms. Wiley

1st Grade Team:

Ms. Tapia

Mrs. Wilke (1/2 Blend)

2nd Grade Team:

Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Price

3rd Grade Team:

Mrs. Doxey

Ms. Nave

Mr. Stack

4th/ 5th Grade Team:

Ms. Armes

Ms. David 5th Wishlist

Mr. Mountain

Ms. Velasquez 4th/5th Wishlist

Highland Park Specialists:

Art Ms. Kuhlmann Art Wishlist

Bilingual BE/Teacher Mr. McElhiney Bilingual Wishlist

Library Mr. Robert Library Wishlist

Music Ms. Kaity

P.E. Ms. Lafayette

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