Science on Wheels March 13th


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6:45am – 8:00am   Unload/Setup with SOW staff (2 volunteers)
8:15am – 11:15am  Exhibit facilitator (2 volunteers) – Host students in the library as
they explore the SOW exhibits. Help explain what to do to the students (when needed),
help ensure popular exhibits are experienced by everyone, and “re-set” exhibit
components as needed.
11:00am – 2:30pm  Exhibit facilitator (2 volunteers) – See above job description
2:15pm – 3:45pm   Exhibit packup/Load up with SOW staff (2 volunteers)
It would also be super cool to have someone go pick up some coffee for the SOW and
exhibit staff if possible, early in the morning.

Volunteer Job Description: Volunteers are needed to help our students explore the
Pacific Science Center’s Science On Wheels exhibit, located in the Library throughout
the day on Monday, March 13. This exhibit is used in conjunction with an all-school
assembly and individual classroom workshops to create an amazing day of science for
our Highland Park students! To make the day more enriching for students, we ask
exhibit volunteers to do the following:
When a class comes to the exhibit area, explain to them our three rules:

  1. Share (the exhibits and discoveries)
  2. Explore science
  3. Have fun!
    You may challenge students’ imagination and creativity by asking questions such as:
  • “Why do you think that…?”
  • “What would happen if…?”
  • “How do you know…?”
    While students should be encouraged to figure out directions on their own, non-reading
    students may need help interacting with some of the exhibits.
    Monitor exhibits, and help re-set or restore exhibits when needed throughout the day.

Please note that we are exploring the wonders of the human body in this SOW visit, with the Blood & Guts program! Students will assemble skeletons, analyze x-rays, scrutinize skulls, tease their brains with optical illusions and look inside a real human brain. This exhibit includes real organs from both humans and animals.

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