Playground Project!

Are you interested in the future of the playground? This is a perfect opportunity to speak your voice and be heard!

Did you know that until very recently Highland Park Elementary had never had any equipment on the big playground? Several years ago Highland Park Plays was formed to help change that. Through the efforts of that group, and in partnership with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the playground has changed drastically!

A rock scramble, slides, a huge net climber were installed in 2019 and Phase 1 was complete! Through a partnership with the Seattle Sounders and the Rainwise program of King County the rain garden was installed on the north side of the building. The Salmon Fence Mural was also installed, after a year of working with the students and community outreach to get salmon cut outs painted and prepared for everyone to enjoy. Things were moving!

Now we are looking at the second phase of construction on the playground. Before construction began changes were made to the master plan to save resources, and now that plan needs to be revised before we can move forward. A Playground Steering Committee was formed to help apply for a grant through the Department of Neighborhoods matching grant program. We are using that money to hire a new design company and you can be a part of it! We will be soliciting bids and looking at a new design for Phase 2.

The grant is a matching grant – the city puts up the money and we put up the time. We need people to join the committee to help hire a new design firm, and we need people to help us reach out and get input from the larger community when it comes time to actual design. Your hours literally translate to dollars for our community!

Please email, or contact the PTA on the contact link if you are interested in being part of our committee.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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