From the Seattle Times: Residential real estate industry is wrestling with history of racism

Interesting article in the Times this Sunday about redlining practices in the Seattle area, and how today’s real estate industry deals with, and perpetuates racial inequity.

Read it here.

Did you know that Highland Park is a neighborhood that was formerly redlined, a practice that was made illegal in the Fair Housing Act of 1968? The legacy of that racist practice hugely affects Seattle’s schools today – if you look at schools with poor scores on sites such as Greatschools (which look purely at test scores to rate schools from 1 to 10), and look at the map of Seattle’s redlined areas, they line up almost identically.

If you are interested in how real estate values affect school funding, you can contact the entire school board here:, or our zone’s board member, Leslie Harris directly here:

Or Superintendent Juneau with this link.

You can also contact our districts state legislators:

Joe Nguyen

Eileen Cody

Joe Fitzgibbon


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